5 Tricks To Tell If Your Clothes Are Well-Made or Not

We would be lying if we said we did not appreciate a good bargain. But cheap clothes are cheap for a reason. One of the ways your clothes stay cheap is because bigger retailers cut corners to make sure the garments stay cheap. However, because of these tactics, some of the clothes we buy may turn into mush after a few washes.

So we’ve gathered 5 tricks that you can learn to tell if your clothes are well-made or not. Turn into a clothes connoisseur by the end of this article!

  1. The Scrunch Test

The scrunch test is basically you taking the piece of clothing that you want to purchase and scrunch it up. Look to see if the fabric stays wrinkly or if it doesn’t. Just ball a part of the garment and squeeze it in your hands. Most of the time, if it can’t handle being squashed by your hands for a few seconds, it’s most likely to fail you in the coming months!

  1. The Pull Test

Now, don’t go ahead and pull too hard until you wreck the garment. But, just gently tug on the fabric and then release the fabric. If it’s of good quality, it will retain its shape. If not, it might look altered or starting to hang loose. If this happens, you know that it’s not the right piece of clothing for you.

  1. Check the Zippers

If the piece of clothing you’re purchasing has zippers, try to look for those with enclosed zippers. Exposed zipper usually mean a cheaply made piece of garment. Exposed zippers will also mean that once you put them in the wash, they can get spoilt much easier as it will be exposed to the tumbling and rotating of the washing machine. This just doesn’t allow for longevity of your garment.

  1. Check the Labels

Now, you don’t only check the label for washing instructions, like we mentioned in previous post. But you should also use them to look at the type of material that was used to create that awesome t-shirt you’re thinking of purchasing. More natural fibres like cotton, silk and wool are more likely to handle wear and tear much better. Natural fibers will usually last longer compared to synthetic, man-made materials like microfibre of polyester.

  1. Check The Seams

A high quality piece of garment would usually have matching threading. Top-quality stitching should always be straight and in a matching thread. This shows consistency and attention to detail. With that kind of attention, we always know that the quality is much more preserved. In addition to that, you should also look at the number of stitches per inch. The higher the number of stitches per inch, the better the quality.

Here at SaltyCustoms, quality is of the essence for us and it is something we make sure our team focuses on. Even if it means going through every single shirt in a 500 piece order checking to see if everything matches our high-standard quality control test.

Source: Saltycustoms

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