6 Ways To Prolong The Life Span Of Your Favorite T-Shirt

We all have our favorite t-shirts that we wear a little too often. And with that, there will come a time where they will start to look worned out and the prints will  start fading. We all know throwing away your favorite t-shirt can be difficult moment. So we've come up with 6 ways to prolong the life span of your favorite t-shirt!

1. Turn Your Clothes Inside Out

This technique is something that a lot of people know of but never really stick to it because sometimes, we all get lazy. If you make sure that all your tees are turned inside out whenever you put it to the wash, you will prevent the colors from fading away too quickly.

2. Rotate The Clothes You Wear

This tip might seem a little weird at first but it will greatly help with lengthening the life-cycle of your tees. Rotation is key across your entire wardrobe. We know that you would love to wear the black tee often because it makes you look good, however, to ensure that it lasts longer, you should put it in rotation with a few other good shirts.

1. Wash by Fabric and Not By Color

We all have heard that you should wash your clothes by color all the time. Although this is true if you don’t want to turn your white clothes into a tie-dye shirt. But if you want your clothes to last even longer, try sorting them out by fabric type. For example, if you only wash t-shirts together, they will definitely have a longer life span because they are less likely to get caught in zippers and spare change.

2. Avoid Working Out In Your Favorite Tees

Cool looking t-shirts
are usually used as gym attire or something you wear when you venture into the great outdoors. However, if you can, do refrain from wearing your most prized tees when excessive sweating is on your agenda. Sweat will stain your material if you fail to send it to the wash within a stipulated time period. Always wear the right fabric when you do different types of activities. For the gym, try to stick to microfiber (dri-fit) materials. This helps you stay cool and your sweat will dry much faster.

5. Avoid Dryers Like A Plague

Some of us believe that dryers are life-savers as they save us a lot of time when it comes to drying your clothes. This is especially the case when you are having a busy day, and the last thing you want to do is hang dry your clothes. We would suggest to avoid it whenever necessary. Dryers can shrink your t-shirts by more than 10%. If you love your t-shirt, you will avoid the dryer at all cost.

6. Pay Attention to The Labels

Those little tags on your tees are there for a reason. They are there to instruct you on the best washing technique needed to take care of your clothes. Please read and follow the instructions as it will make sure your clothes lasts longer.

Taking care of tees isn’t rocket science, although it might seem like it is. Keeping those t-shirts fresh and looking good will definitely spruce up your wardrobe and keep it looking great. If you need to buy t-shirts for your team in your company, visit us here to start your order!