12 pictures of your favorite brands, celebrities and people paying tribute to the #BLM movement

With the tragic death of George Floyd, and the uprising of the Black Lives Matter movement, we've seen brands, companies and celebrities all over the world pay tribute to the #BLM movement. Here's some that caught our attention.

1. Netflix - Carefully curated list of titles that tell the complex and layered stories about racial injustice and being black in America. ⁣

2. Spotify - Spotify blacked out album covers and headline images on playlists and podcasts in tribute to the BLM movement. They also curated a selection of songs on each of the blacked-out playlists to reflect the current environment.

3. Amazon, Apple & Google - Alexa, Siri and Google voice assistants have been updated to spread awareness of the #BLM movement. They now explain the Black Lives Matter movement when asked “Do black lives matter?".

4. BTS - Also known as the biggest boy band in the world, donated USD$1 Million to Black Lives Matter.

5. BTS ARMY - What's more impressive was when BTS challenged their hardcore fan base, BTS ARMY to match their USD$1 Million donation. The BTS ARMY impressively raised $1 Million in 24 hours through 34,596 donors. Now that's using fame for good.

6. John Cena - BTS ARMY's initiative snowballed and inspired WWE pro-wrestler John Cena to follow suit and match their USD$1 Million donation shortly after.

7.  Bubba Wallace, NASCAR - NASCAR racer Bubba Wallace raced his No. 43 car with a Black Lives Matter paint scheme. The hood featured a black hand and white hand gripping in solidarity with the message “Compassion, Love, Understanding” written below. 

8.  Air Jordan - Michael Jordan and the Jordan Brand committed to a whopping $100 million over the next 10 years through various initiatives aiming at protecting and improving the lives of Black people.

9.  Lebron James - While it may seem like the picture and t-shirt below is synonymous with George Floyd's death, many don't realize it was actually taken in 2014 where a Eric Garner, black man was wrestled to the ground in a choke-hold by an NYPD officer. Similar to George Floyd, Eric Garner could be heard gasping 'I can't breathe' before passing away. Lebron James reposted this exact photo 7 years later with hauntingly the same relevance.

10. Eintracht Frankfurt -  The German Bundesliga football team released a special edition Black Lives Matter jersey which was worn by actual players during a match to show support of the movement. The jersey was quickly sold out, and proceeds were given to the #BLM movement.

 11. The Hundreds X BBC -  Renown street-wear brand The Hundreds and Billionaire Boys Club  put both of their iconic logos together on a graphic tee to support Black Lives Matter with proceeds going to the #BLM movement.

12. One Championship - Known as Asia's largest sports media company, One Championship released special edition t-shirt with proceeds going to Black Lives Matter causes.  Their athletes with large social media following have been seen pushing the t-shirt and it's cause. One Championship have also offered free shipping for all purchases of this special edition t-shirt. You can buy them here.

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