Corporate Conversations: Suri Jessi Chan, Creative Designer of Steamline Studios

Brought to you by the Saltycustoms team, Corporate Conversations is a series of Q&A’s that we have conducted with a multitude of talented people who are making huge differences in the respective industries that they work in.

“I think great designers are those who refuse to give up in any situation.”

Hi, Jessica! Thank you for speaking with us. To start, tell us more about yourself.

Hello! My name is Suri Jessica Chan, and I’m a creative designer at Streamlines Studios, a gaming company. Prior to becoming a designer, I was actually a top-scoring law student. I started out designing as a hobby, and now, it has given me a career in the gaming industry!

What keeps you motivated at work?

My workplace is my motivation. Streamline Studios is a really diverse organisation with a really great culture; it has employees from 25 different nationalities! The people I work with are really nice and helpful as well. On top of that, I love it when people notice my work, and that I could start a conversation over something that was created by me.

Image :“I believe t-shirts can drive the communications in a piece of creative work better.”

Jessica, what do think are some characteristics of successful designers?

I think great designers are those who refuse to give up in any situation. These talents are also amazing when it comes to working together with other creative minds, and they are always willing to make improvements on their work to adapt to the situation. A good designer is also always willing to absorb as much knowledge as possible.

What do you reckon will be the future trends in creative design?

I think minimalistic designs are going to make a comeback. In Japan, the trend is heading towards colourful designs while in Europe designs carry darker tones and are simpler. In terms of colour schemes, I believe we are going back to the age of black and white.

Image : Unsplash

In your opinion, what makes a successful design?

A good design is one that delivers the message. If you are going to design a can of soup, you need to convey clearly what is in that can.

Do you think custom t-shirts can become a disruptive tool to share creative work? Why?

I believe t-shirts can drive the communications in a piece of creative work better. When you put on a t-shirt, people can see the design on it clearly, and what the design represents.

“Don’t stop learning! Remember, you don’t learn everything in school.”

How did the t-shirts from Saltycustoms help with your campaign?

I work with a large community of people, so sometimes it’s hard to make 200 people feel included. That’s why we decided to use Saltycustoms t-shirts to help strengthen our community in the workplace and to make everyone feel like they a part of a family.

What do you think differentiates Saltycustoms from the rest?

I love working with Saltycustoms because the Apparel Consultants were great at following-up on matters with me. It’s also amazing that we were very honest with each other, and we always found ways to compromise whenever we had disagreements on the designs or even t-shirt materials. I think the people from Saltycustoms were also very generous with their knowledge, and they really gave me plenty of advice and tips throughout the time I was working with them.

Last question, Jessica. What advice would you give to young designers?

Don’t stop learning! Remember, you don’t learn everything in school. You learn so much more when you’re in the working world. Also, don’t give up easily, always strive to work together as a team and stay creative!

Thank you, Jessica!
No problem. Thank you for having me, Saltycustoms!

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