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Brand value and identity has recently emerged as an important corporate strategy in the past few years. A large number of business organizations in multiple industries have begun to embrace the strategy of properly building the companies own brand identity alongside growing the products only. It is a huge marketing strategy that needs to be taken seriously in the current digital age. Managing and nurturing your corporate brand goes beyond just marketing as it will be the overarching idea that ties your whole company together. The concept of brand value and equity have been created and are now being measured alongside other efforts in the whole business.

So the next question is to fully understand the meaning of brand identity and how it ties back to using corporate clothing to improve it. Brand identity, when broken down is basically all the visual elements of your brand that is seen by your customers. It includes things like the logos, designs, colours and styles that are put together to then showcase your brand image. With an established corporate identity, the brand becomes easily recognisable for your customers.

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How does customized corporate clothing actually help with your brand value and identity? One of the ways is that having customized corporate swag will have an impact on your overall team. Like we’ve mentioned a few times before, wearing a collective uniform can increase the pride, morale and camaraderie of a team. It makes them feel like they belong and that they are part of a much larger team.

In addition to that, by implementing a corporate uniform, you will bring about a sense of authority and professionalism. It will start a domino effect when the team experiences the pride in the company. You will begin to see your team talk about your company more, they would start sharing promotions and speaking about the working culture in the company.

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With a more tight knit team, performance will obviously increase and become better. This will lead to more goals and targets being hit because of the fact that they believe that they have a team to constantly support them at work. Sometimes in a large company, departments become silo-ed and this will cause a rift. With a common denominator in play, everyone in separate teams will be able to find that common ground to work together for. From HR to Sales to Finance, there will be a higher company attachment and pride that will then translate to a higher achievement of company goals.

If your worry is having to purchase more than 1000 pieces of clothing for your team because they are in different countries, the team here at SaltyCustoms have come up with the best end-to-end solution for you. We have an in-house design team, global logistics and a production team that can manufacture up to 80,000 pieces monthly. In addition to that, our Smart DIstribution Platform can consolidate all your sizes from a web page that we build for you.

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Besides just being advantageous on the internal team, corporate uniforms and apparel is incredibly advantageous among your customers and the general public. When you have a singular and easily identifiable corporate brand identity on a shirt, it would create an instantaneous connection to your brand when consumers see your apparel.

When you get your company corporate swag designed with the same colours and styles on all your other collateral and design language, people will start to associate all the collateral as one cohesive unit. Increase your brand identity by designing your clothing around your marketing material.

A lot of top companies like McDonalds, Walmart and Apple have implemented corporate clothing policies and it is super easy to spot their employees anywhere. It’s a simple tweak that will create a huge wave of change.

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