Using T-Shirts To Generate Leads. Yes, It’s Possible.

According to a recent studies, the average active use of clothing is around 3 to 4 years. That means a company gets a healthy amount of mileage and eyeballs once their brand message is printed on t-shirt.
Even more if the consumer turns it into one of their favorite t-shirt! Here are some quick tips for making great T-Shirts that people want to wear over and over again .
Dubbed the “walking billboard”, t-shirts are certainly an effective way to instill brand loyalty for the people wearing them, and awareness to the people around them. For example, Sujan Patel here made $500,000, yes, that’s FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND in revenue by just giving t-shirts away.
So, who do I start giving them out to you say? Start with your internal team and employees!
1.     Give T-shirt to your employees

By giving it to your teammates, you’re almost certain they’ll wear it regularly. This also sparks employee pride, engagement and advocacy. There’s really no better feeling than putting on your company t-shirt to work, or even to lunch on the weekend. This is why most companies give out t-shirts in their employee onboarding kit on the first day.

A common boast companies make is “Our people are our greatest asset.” While this may sound cliché, it’s actually very true of employer branding. People are far more likely to listen to what a company’s employees say about them compared to a recruitment ad. Employee engagement and advocacy can go a long way in attracting great talent. And your company t-shirt can certainly kick-start that conversation.
And in Sujan’s case, wearing a t-shirt for a casual massage helped him bag a $50,000 deal. You’ll never know where your brand can travel to on a t-shirt, and what conversations it can start!
2.     Give t-shirts to your customers & partners

Alternatively, you could also give them away to customers or partners. When you get your customers or partners to wear your t-shirt you have subconsciously won them over. Maybe even forever! If they are willing to wear your company t-shirt, then you know that they will always speak highly of your brand and subsequently turn into brand ambassadors.
What we learn from companies that buy t-shirts from us is to give away t-shirts to your most loyal customers when you’re heading to their office for a meet, or during a festive season like Christmas. Customers whom you care about and appreciate will turn into the best brand ambassadors you can ask for.
3.     Social media. Of course.

With social media becoming a bigger part of people’s every day lives, studies show the average person spends close to 2 hours on social media a day. There’s a big opportunity for your t-shirt and brand to be through videos and pictures when they wear them. 
A creative way to distribute your t-shirts for a good return on investment would on your company’s social media platforms. For example, running contests or referral programs for friends, family and customers. The Hustle, a media company that gave out free t-shirts for anyone who referred 25 friends to their platform. And just by giving away free t-shirts, they manage to gain 300,000 new subscribers.

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